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Hi, I'm glad to introduce you to a new part of the game that many people liked, this is VIBEOVOZ 2!!!

The new part has a simple and addictive gameplay, but the last part was not able to drag you for a long time, as there was only one level that bored very quickly, the new part presents 3 new levels that have completely different stylistics, different cars, graphics, music and atmosphere.

Let me tell you about the new levels:


this is the same level that was in the first part, if you like levels in which you can spend some time and in which there is nothing superfluous.


To all fans of old games and board games, this level will take you back to the days of PS1 games, the simple design of the level will not prevent you from enjoying the atmosphere of old games, and the musical accompaniment will help you immerse yourself more in the times of your youth.


We all love the cyberpunk style, in this level you are presented with a whole city where you can escape from the chase on flying cars, hiding in alleys and maneuvering between houses so that it is more difficult for the cops to catch you.


Imagine that you are a mafia that is hiding from the chase in a small town at night after robbing another store or jewelry store.

Play and leave your feedback in the comments, it will help me speed up my work.

The game is still under development, there will be more content in the future. Bugs are also possible in the game, so share your impressions in the comments, I will be glad to support and your thoughts about this project.


VIBEOVO2.zip 142 MB


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